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Sometimes the warfare is a consequence of disobedience. The enemy may be at work, but so is the flesh and oftentimes when you are so focused on the enemy you’re less focused on the Holy Spirit which leaves room for the flesh to do the work of the enemy. Discern accordingly!

Suffering has rotated back to the forefront, but rather than seeing it as a burden, it would be wise to see it as more of a blessing. It’s the suffering that produces humility, fortifies us, draws us deeper into relationship with God, matures us spiritually, and purifies and builds our character. Of course it doesn’t feel good, we remember what happened to Jesus, but that’s why we aren’t meant to be led by our feelings! There is a grace to endure, experience peace, and walk in joy even in the midst of suffering. Especially when you remember that the suffering is for the glory of God and not ourselves.

Oftentimes, we can talk too much and too soon. Meditate on the word, sit with the revelation so that it works in you first and then release when or if the Holy Spirit says so. This will help to ensure the word is being lived out in you rather than just spoken for the attention of others. Trust, people will be okay with your silence especially if the silence is a result of the Holy Spirit working within you! Remember, God needs us to need him more than us thinking people need us. Also, this may help with all those monitoring spirits many like to say are coming after them. A monitoring spirit can only know what you release to them, soooooo 🤐!

Drinking from a contaminated well will quench your thirst while slowly killing you. Many people like to send me sound bites and I have to politely let them know that although what’s being said sounds nice, I can’t listen because the voice speaking is contaminated. When it comes to the word of God, we don’t need to alter it or take it out of context to entertain us. Sadly, the need to be entertained has overshadowed many individuals’ ability to experience the truth and depth God’s word.

Consider this your Wednesday Words of Wisdom! Be blessed and remember to make time to sit, talk to, and listen to the Holy Spirit!

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