Perspective matters! One of the hardest things about giving God our yes and being committed to being a sent one is understanding that sometimes the level of processing is greater than others. Sometimes we carry heavy burdens for people and whole regions. Will everyone understand it… no, but there is one who understands all the tests, trials, processing, and waiting… His name is Jesus!

With today being the 17th, I was reminded of victory and how a victory at one level is often turned into an asset or resource that God will use to be a victory in the next level. Each journey towards victory requires a greater level of yielding, purging, and processing for the next level.

As I embarked on the journey to Ghana, I wore one to @theashexchangeinternational shirts where a portion mentions living victoriously. God had me sit with the revelation that living victoriously doesn’t equate to perfection or a final destination. Instead, living victoriously means you live with progression and forward movement. It means that there is never a time when we say I’ve learned enough and I’ve arrived. We shift our perspective to acknowledge the wins gained through Christ understanding that every victory serves as an equipping for the next and stepping stones for what God ultimately designed us to be and do.

This life we live and the assignments we are called to vary for us all, but there is one perspective that will carry us through and it is knowing that no matter how challenging it may be there is victory on the other side if we are willing to journey with God.

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“Here I am Lord, Send Me”


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