Trip to Africa 2023

African Safari park and sunset


In April 2023, I was blessed with the opportunity to go with Dr. Patricia Bailey’s Ministry. Although I had been to South Africa before, this trip was more humbling, enlightening, encouraging, and empowering. I was able to serve with the medical team and it was truly a blessing to see God move. It’s very easy to get stuck in the mindset that we should only serve in the capacity of our strengths, but this trip reminded me that when God desires to use us, he will expand our capacity so that he can utilize us the way he needs us to be used.

We were blessed to experience the rural and urban areas of Johannesburg. Although there is still much healing that needs to take place in the land, it is evident that progress is being made. Through Christ, souls were saved and people were blessed with tangible testimonies. Healing took place spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I can genuinely say South Africa is home to me, and I look forward to returning and serving however God desires to use me. Below you will find photos and video footage with the hope that it allows you to experience even a little of the blessings I encountered being there. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would fill your heart with compassion and that you would gain a hunger to serve in missions by praying, giving, or going.

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Dr Ashlei

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