The Demonic Assault

Many don’t want to “over-spiritualize” things, but yesterday’s murders and others were a demonic assault. Yes, an individual chose to kill, but ultimately he was influenced by a demonic spirit and Satan. Evil will continue to exist. The question is will we be aware and alert enough to know how to combat the plots and schemes of the enemy in the spirit before it comes into fruition on this earth.

Many will blame the government and say it’s America or make it a racial issue, but ultimately there is a deeper battle taking place. This is about God versus Satan. This is about Satan being on a mission to kill and destroy everyone, even those who serve him.

For the watchman and intercessors, please stay on your post, keep praying and interceding. For those who are believers in Christ who have been challenged in faith and have been regressing, get back to knowing and loving Christ so he can begin releasing strategy, insight, and ways to utilize you to help make a change.

Yesterday’s event was horrible and it wasn’t the first, nor will it be the last. Make praying, defending, speaking up, and caring for the welfare of others a lifestyle and not just a one-time reaction to death.

Prayer will always be the first response to everything because we NEED to hear from the one who can actually help bring about change. May we not feed into the chaos, fear, division, disunity, and hate that Satan wants to come from this event. Yes, there will be things said out of ignorance, but us believers in Christ must choose to rise above it, keep a sound mind, use wisdom, speak life, and believe that God is omniscient, just, and good. He will rectify this in his way and in his time.

Pray for the protection, hearts, and minds of all. This doesn’t have to be our personal reality for us to be empathetic and show compassion.

Love harder because it is love that will heal.

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