Rediscovering Your Identity Through Your Story

One thing I love to do is honor those who obey the Lord by pushing me or creating opportunities for me to walk into who God has called me to be. Last month, I had the privilege of speaking at Grace‘s Own Your Story Meet and Greet experience. I initially saw the application to apply months prior on social media when my brother-in-Christ Osagie shared her post for women to apply. I have never called myself a formal speaker, but the Holy Spirit reminded me that I do have a voice and a message from him that needed to be shared. So, I applied!

To my surprise, I was given the opportunity to travel and speak for the first time. When applying, the Holy Spirit led me to choose the topic Rediscovering Your Identity Through Your Story. I didn’t understand it fully, but nevertheless, I obeyed. Prior to the event, there were many transitions I made from moving and simply carrying more responsibilities with ministry and work. I had to a lot of expenses in July so I had to be wise with my flight and choose the later flight for a cheaper price. Even then there was a delay. Initially, I was a bit annoyed, but God began to download what I would be speaking on. You see, he had been giving me nuggets a few weeks prior to the actual experience, but with everything going on, I didn’t know how to put it all together. My flight being delayed created an opportunity to sit and allow the Holy Spirit to download a few more things. I didn’t make it to Maryland until about 12 a.m. My sister in Christ joined me for support and even she allowed herself to be inconvenienced by picking me up to drive us to where we were staying and that was another 40 minutes away. Being able to reconnect with her was a divine appointment and we stayed up at least until 3 am catching up on life and what God has been doing. On the day of the experience, I was nervous! I have a pretty good poker face, so no one would have known it in the natural. The enemy tried to fill my mind with thoughts of insecurity that I was not experienced, known, or equipped enough to be among the women who were speaking. I would pray in the spirit to myself and shut down every lie of the enemy.


I watched as speakers before me owned the stage with such grace, power, and authority. I admired, gleaned, observed, and when it was my turn, the Holy Spirit said remember to deliver how I created you to speak. Yielding to his instructions, I allowed the Holy Spirit to flow in the way that he designed me to speak. After I spoke, one young woman came to me and thanked me for my delivery. She said it was authentic to who I am and to never change it. Her words sounded more like words of affirmation from God. I’m beyond grateful for Grace’s willingness to see something in me that she deemed worthy of her experience. I know that was a test that will open the door to many more speaking opportunities in the near future. If you’re interested in watching it see below!

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