Ghana Mission Trip Reflections

Greetings Beautiful People,
I’ve safely returned from Ghana. Thanks to all of you who prayed and sowed into this mission trip to Ghana! Being able to go was nothing short of a miracle and God’s grace, mercy, and favor on my life. Although it was short in time, it was not short of impact. God moved and revealed himself in many ways! I will be sharing more content concerning the trip over time. This was definitely the beginning of many more great things that God desires to do not just in Ghana, but in Africa and the African diaspora as a whole. I look forward to being used to do my part however that looks to God! For now, please enjoy the reflections that are listed below:
1. I’m still Nigerian even in Ghana, but the NaijaGhana love was there with a little banter!
2. Deliverance and healing are still taking place through the teaching of sound doctrine even without laying hands on people. Educating a people to know and encounter Christ without being dependent on man is a necessity!
3. We definitely need to do better at preventing people from becoming dependent on a person as if they are God. Sometimes as leaders we have positioned ourselves as God directing praise and reliance meant for God toward ourselves. Repent and shift the systems and even cancel the programs, if necessary. Don’t allow yourself to be put on a pedestal… EVER! We may be gifted but the gift must always be yielded to the Holy Spirit.
4. There is an unreached people who simply desire to know, understand, and model God’s word, will, nature, heart, and character.
5. There is a level of by any means necessary that we have yet to be yielded to here in the USA. Praying for the transformation to continue.
6. Oftentimes, the misleading of a people is a result of simply not being taught or exposed to godly teaching and discipleship.
7. Conversion and transformation may not always happen immediately. Oftentimes, it comes with relationship and consistently showing the love of Christ directly and indirectly. People can trust God in you when they see you’re consistent, unbiased, impartial, filled with love, integrity, and authenticity. Even the most wicked can have a softened heart by encountering the Holy Spirit through a true believer’s kindness.
8. You don’t have to know all the intricacies of theology, but there needs to be a foundational understanding of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the overall purpose and function of the Church, not based on gender and titles, salvation, discipleship, and understanding of how to study the Bible.
9. There is a new generation that the Lord is using to enhance his word specifically as it pertains to the understanding of how women serve and function in the church. Progression doesn’t erase or diminish the past that was established as a result of the cultural and geographical norms of that time period.
10. Community is a necessity for growth, accountability, and character development.
11. Counseling may be a calling and/or gift, but formal training is a necessity to cultivate it and do it with integrity.
There’s more, but ponder upon this for now!
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