Extraction Was Only The First Step… Finish the Process

Removal from an environment doesn’t equate to removal of the spirits tied to that environment.

There are many individuals who left the cult, job, relationship, etc., but failed to separate themselves from the spirits that latched on to them in those places. This is why deliverance and inner healing are important. There are levels and being removed from the environment is step 1.

Next, it’s time to go through the deliverance process and focus on the removal of the spirits attached through that environment. Repentance and the renouncement of the ungodly covenants, altars, and soul ties made through affiliation or location must take place. During this stage we need to lean heavy on meditating, studying, internalizing and speaking the word of God.

Lastly, it’s time for inner healing which is where the transformation really takes place. At this point our souls is restored, our mind is renewed, our will aligns with God’s will, our emotions are brought into subjection of the Holy Spirit and those debilitating habits that were still being practiced are then dismantled and destroyed. Once again remain consistent and faithful with engaging with God’s word.

Don’t skip steps! Go through the WHOLE process and if you regress, start all over again. Your soul is worth fighting for!!

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