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Dr. Ashlei Evans is a native Houstonian with a global mandate on her life. She is an educator having served in public, private, and charter school systems in Texas and abroad in the United Arab Emirates.

 She is also an author of 3 books, a Christian Spiritual and Interpersonal Leadership Coach, an Educational Consultant who is passionate about developing interpersonal leadership skills and bringing order to broken systems within Christian organizations and institutions, and the host of the Global Visionaries: Deep Wells of Wisdom & Truth podcast where she aims to build and bring transformative change to individuals, communities, and institutions through the exploration of godly wisdom and biblical truth. As founder of The Ash Exchange International LLC, she is devoted to embracing, educating, and empowering Christian individuals, institutions, and ministries by establishing and sustaining a foundation of prayer, promoting biblical literacy, developing interpersonal leadership skills, cultivating community, and collaborating with non-profits to support global missions. 

With Ash Exchange International, her blog-turned-global-platform, Dr. Evans offers Christian education, consulting, mentoring, and coaching services to people worldwide. Her three books inspire women to embrace their inner beauty by relinquishing their burdens, while providing a biblical perspective on everything concerning wholeness. Dr. Evans enjoys music, books, and movies when she’s not passionately serving her ministry. Dr. Evans’s impressive educational background includes a B.A. in English Literature, an M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, and an Ed.D. in Language, Literacy, & Special Populations. She is currently pursuing a Master of Biblical and Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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Dr. Ashlei Evans is an accomplished author who has made significant contributions to the literary world. Her debut book, “The Ash Exchange: How One Woman’s Life Changed When God Exchanged His Beauty for Her Ashes”, which was released on January 7, 2019, has been a source of encouragement for countless women seeking to exchange their life’s ashes for God’s beauty. It has received rave reviews and continues to impact lives around the world.

Dr. Evans’ commitment to empowering women through the written word is further exemplified by her subsequent releases, including her devotional for singles titled “Dear Singles L.I.V.E.”, which was published on June 16, 2021, and her most recent devotional on the book of James, “Practicality”, which was released on December 11, 2022. These books have been widely acclaimed and have been instrumental in helping readers deepen their faith and spiritual growth.



Processing and organizing our thoughts can often be a challenge, allow us to help you think through the amazing ideas you have. Through prayer and biblical wisdom, we will help you to organize and solidify your ideas along with gaining clarity on possible next steps.

About the mission



We are committed to communicating with God consistently regarding every aspect of our lives so that we may know His heart and will for us.

Christian Education

We are committed to helping communities become biblically literate by promoting equitable access to curriculum and resources that support developing Biblical literacy skills.

Leadership Development

We are committed to developing transformational servant leaders with strong interpersonal skills who understand and value relating to and connecting with those they lead so they are able to serve and develop their teams effectively.

Community Building

We are committed to cultivating a community for Godly accountability, fellowship, and growth opportunities.


We are committed to collaborating with all necessary professionals to ensure our spirit, soul, and body come into complete alignment with God’s will for our lives. 

Global Missions

We are committed to teaching, training, and equipping Christians to know and apply the inerrant word of God globally.

Dr. Ashlei has been such a strong voice of wisdom in my life. When I devoted my life to Christ she really mentored me. Challenged me to learn and seek God’s voice. She was there for me when I had questions, but I loved how she always reminded me that the Holy Spirit was within me and that He will speak to me and answer me when I need Him to. Her mentorship, care, and love have truly helped me to open up in friendships and build a strong community of friends. Dr. Ashlei is a powerhouse for God, a true Christ-follower, and someone that truly partners with God in order to help you grow spiritually.
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A Global Visionary is an individual who embodies a global perspective and has been commissioned to contribute to challenges and opportunities on a global scale.  Global visionaries understand the interconnectedness of the world and the concept of interconnectedness in various aspects of their lives. 

Courses Tailored to Fit You

Journey to Wholeness

Journey to Wholeness is a course to help women biblically understand wholeness, what the journey to wholeness looks like, and how to implement practical steps to maintain wholeness.

Journey to Wholeness is a Christian E-course, founded by The Ash Exchange International, and it was truly an eye-opener for me. I enjoyed learning about the different processes needed to maintain a healthy walk and relationship with Christ - while simultaneously highlighting the necessity of individual development as a believer †. This E-course was beautiful because it allows ample room for both self-reflection & spiritual growth. I personally appreciated the emphasis that Salvation (in itself) does not equate to our wholeness, but ultimately serves as the beginning step into becoming whole. Overall, this E-Course thoroughly relies on biblical principles to highlight and encourage areas of healing, growth, awareness, wholeness, accountability, and community building. I truly believe it contains much knowledge & wisdom that every Christian needs on their journey!