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Be present in my presence!  God is extremely multifaceted and there are versions of him that we have yet to encounter until he is ready to reveal that aspect of himself through our conditions and circumstances.

I’m typically a catch-flights person. Road trips aren’t the most engaging, but during and after my mission trip to Ghana, God reminded me of the importance of seeing him as the creator and provider while on these long road trips.

I’ve been in this space of learning to trust God on a greater level. There are levels to trusting God and I’m understanding that the more he desires to do in, through, and with us, the more trust he will require of us.

As I yield to his trust tests and trainings, I find myself being challenged to be more intentional about remaining  present in his presence and not allowing myself to become fearful, anxious, doubtful, or worried about what’s next.

Being in my final semester of seminary, being behind in readings and some lectures, trying to plan according to God’s will, and dealing with a few other life circumstances, I found myself almost panicking and trying to use my travels as a time to catch up or get ahead, but God said, “No, Be present in my presence.”

While traveling, we spent about 30 hours in the air, had 10 hours of a layover, and traveled by road between Accra, Nkwanta, and Cape Coast for about 22 hours. To some that’s a lot of time to read for school or try to concoct a solution to some problems, but instead God instructed me to be present in his presence and to be intentional about  seeing him in his creations. He had me appreciate his people, his land, and his world altogether.

So many messages arose with God showing me that if his people could trust him in their varying conditions and circumstances there, how much more can I trust him with my conditions and circumstances wherever he has me. In no way am I saying it is easy, but it is a necessary revelation that we all need to get numerous times and on numerous levels because the trust tests are necessary for building our relationship with God and for our journey toward becoming who God called us to be and doing what God called us to do.

As I continue to go through my trust tests and trainings, the Holy Spirit has challenged me to cling to the following scriptures:

Jeremiah 17:7-8

Philippians 4:19

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Psalms 84:12

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